Our Team

  • Administration

    Jean-François Frenette
    Jean-François Frenette
    Mathieu Daigle
    Mathieu Daigle
    Louis-Philippe Frenette
    Louis-Philippe Frenette Information Technology Director
    Reda El Amraoui
    Reda El Amraoui Director of Business Development and Marketing
    André Dallaire
    André Dallaire
    Carolan Grondin
    Carolan Grondin 4503784666 Ext. 233
    Roxanne Gauthier
    Roxanne Gauthier


    Olivier Fournier
    Olivier Fournier Sales Executive 4503784666 Ext. 221 Send an Email
    Daniel Delobbe
    Daniel Delobbe
    Nathalie Roy
    Nathalie Roy Commercial Director 4503784666 Ext. 204 Send an Email
    Sébastien Roy
    Sébastien Roy Commercial Director 4503784666 Ext. 205 Send an Email
    Robert Languay
    Robert Languay Commercial Director 4503784666 Ext. 219 Send an Email
    Jacques  Landry
    Jacques  Landry Sales Representative 4503784666 Ext. 227 Send an Email
    Jonathan Breton
    Jonathan Breton Used Sales Representative 4503784666 Ext. 229 Send an Email
    Michael Gauvin
    Michael Gauvin Used Sales Representative 4503784666 Ext. 224 Send an Email
    Sandrino Chatelain
    Sandrino Chatelain Buyer 4503784969 Ext. 325 Send an Email
    Daphné Audet
    Daphné Audet
    Karine Lussier
    Karine Lussier
    Steve Vachon
    Steve Vachon
    Marie-Pierre Labrie
    Marie-Pierre Labrie
    Jelena Stanisic
    Jelena Stanisic
    Kevin Robichaud
    Kevin Robichaud


    Stephane Grondin
    Stephane Grondin Service Director 4503784666 Ext. 250 Send an Email
    Jude Pouliot
    Jude Pouliot Customer service
    Normand  Guimond
    Normand  Guimond Customer service
    Mélanie  Labrie
    Mélanie  Labrie Technical Advisor 4503784666 Ext. 210 Send an Email
    Cynthia Desloges
    Cynthia Desloges Service advisor
    Steven Healy
    Steven Healy


    Vincent Houle
    Vincent Houle Parts manager 4503784666 Ext. 213 Send an Email
    Sébastien Langlois
    Sébastien Langlois Parts Department 4503784666 Ext. 273 Send an Email


    Francis Gagné
    Francis Gagné Mechanic
    Fred Lussier
    Fred Lussier Mechanic
    Guillaume Guenette
    Guillaume Guenette mechanic


    Philippe Ruel
    Philippe Ruel Customer communication specialist 4509944220 Ext. 242 Send an Email
    Maude Bélanger
    Maude Bélanger Specialist customer communication 4509944220 Ext. 243 Send an Email
    Karina Béland
    Karina Béland
    Azuranne Dupont
    Azuranne Dupont

At Hyundai Granby we pride ourselves on making it worth your trip from wherever you are Granby or in a Estrie city to have all your automotive needs taken care of, with professionalism and a smile.

So whether you're looking for a new Hyundai vehicle, in search of a quality used car, truck or SUV, or in need of expert automotive service, we invite you to contact us online or by telephone at 1-855-281-5501, or come down and see us at our convenient local store.

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